Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Closet Overhaul

This weekend, I went shopping. Not just the "oh it's on sale, I should pick it up" shopping. No, the "overhaul, clean EVERY single pair of pants and jeans in your closet and start over, but with a smaller size" kinda shopping.

And, was it GLORIOUS!!!

With the invention of stretch, you don 't always know what exactly is your true size, unless you're buying the dreaded DRESS PANTS! Those bad boys won't give an inch so when I was able to try on pants after pants and even dresses in a smaller size, I was so freakin' ecstatic!

It's really awesome to see results on the scale every week, but only until you go shopping does it really make a difference.

This week, I'm traveling to the Midwest where it will be bread and carbs galore. I even have Panera catering one of my lunches and oh my goodness, those shortbread cookies can bring this girl to her knees!!!

 This post is really meant to be a reminder to myself to be good and remember the smaller size I was shopping for. May those new pants fit on Saturday when I return home. *Fingers & toes crossed*

-Down 24.2 pounds since July!


  1. Yeah! Congrats girl!!! It's no small feat to lose pounds. I'm actually planning on doing a closet clean out this weekend - and hopefully have a shopping spree to follow. Take your sneakers with you to the Midwest. Don't let travel get in the way of your progress. I've actually kicked my weight loss plateaus along the way by working out when I travel. It makes the victory that much sweeter! And who needs sweet when you fit into smaller clothes?! ;-) Keep it up!

    1. Thanks the the encouragement girl! I miss seeing your lovely face and hearing your laugh!

      Lots of love, my friend!

  2. i'm trying to find takers for my baby weight.

    1. You need to have the baby first! :) Can't wait for the little princess to get here!