Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not as Starving ...

In June, I made a decision to take better care of myself and also because my birthday trip to Turks and Caicos was looming, and I joined Weight Watchers. Eight weeks later, I'm down close to 15 pounds. While I wasn't completely pleased with my vacation photos from the Caribbean, I  know I'm on the right path.

It's a daily struggle to eat smaller portions and more healthy, but after reading that Weight Watchers spokesperson Jennifer Hudson is now shopping for size 0 clothes, I know it's attainable. I just need to to stick to the eating plan and exercising, but that's the hardest part for me. It's so much more fun to go out for dinner or go drinking.

Costa Rica will soon be upon me, so I need to kick myself in the butt and ensure that the marathon, not the sprint, is successful!

I promise to be better at updating my readers on my progress.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Operation Marriage 2011?

In January, I had a conversation with a friend at church who told me that in 2011, it was going to be her goal to meet someone and get married, if if was God's will, of course.

So it got me thinking, is this something that you can mentally embark on and will it to happen?

I had a coversation with my BFF earlier today and she mentioned that she heard of a girl who booked a venue, put down a deposit on a specific date and bought a dress, however she wasn't even dating anyone. She did all of that because she was confident that she would find her happily ever after by her due date. I don't know if she ever did.

I think there is some societal pressure to get married. If you're not coupled up by a certain age, people think something is wrong with you. Do people really have an expiration date for when they can find love?

Apparently, my BFF's mom thinks so. She even created a fake profile on a dating site "just to see if there were any guys out there" for her. While her heart was in the right place, I understand why my BFF was upset. IMHO, I think she wants grandchildren and wants to do everything she can to get them, including a little deception. :)

So at the end of the day, I'm not out to "get married" by the end of year, but I do think that getting out there and meeting people, telling people to set me up is a good start.

I've made a pact with my BFF that in April, we both have to do something that forces us to make strides to meet new people. My April task is to FINALLY take golf lessons. I have a set of clubs, golf balls and golf shoes. I just have to overcome my fear and just do it. I just need Mr. Sunshine to cooperate.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Silence Your Inner Critic

I had a really interesting conversation with a dear friend and colleague earlier this week when we were chatting about eating healthier and exercising.

I shared that I wasn't drinking at the happy hour happening that evening because I had too much bubbly over the weekend and felt bloated and fat, to which she admonished me and said I look gorgeous. It made me question why I always put myself down and call myself fat. I would never dream about calling a friend the "f-word" so why is it okay to call myself that?

In short, it's not ok to constantly put myself down. I need to silence my inner critic and tell myself that I'm beautiful, intelligent, talented, charming and honest. ;) If I don't believe it, no one else will.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Post!

Happy New Year 2011!

A new year means a new start, but I don't believe that you can look forward without one last glance in the rearview mirror.

So as a final goodbye, I wanted to take a look back at the best of 2010 from my rearview mirror.

January 1 - The year kicked off in Vietman in Nha Trang with a horrible sunburn after laying out the entire day before. I was with my BFF "St. Louis" and we were on the second leg of our annual international vacation. Unfortunately, I has "srimps" from the NYE dinner and I came down with a horrible food posioning, which required me to take antibiotics after a serious scare on a river boat. I was never so thankful for modern medicine until that point. While a bit unusual, our vacation to Cambodia and Vietnam was one that left me in awe (Angkor Wat and  Halong Bay) and sadness (poverty and genocide in Cambodia) but made me so much more aware of the world around me.

March 19 - "IT'S A GIRL!" My beautiful niece, Sarah Elizabeth was born. I didn't get the call from my mom until after she was born. My mom called my cell and when I didn't answer, she called my landline. Through my earplugged sleepy haze, I hear my mom on my machine telling me to wake up and get to the hospital to  meet the new addition to our family. She is just the happiest baby and her laugh and smile makes my heart sing! It's been such a joy this last year to watch her grow. Thankfully she loves to be held and I never get tired of her falling asleep in my arms. I recently had a conversation with my BFF about how you can love someone else's child so much that it hurts your heart and how we can't imagine having our own children to feel that love 100 fold.

May - Family vacay to Disneyland and San Diego. Disneyland is so much more fun through the eyes of a child. While family vacations are never easy, there is never a shortage of laughs and memories.

August 29 - Eek, I turned 32, but I'm still in my "early 30's" and I've actually accepted and now celebrate all of my birthdays. I think that each year brings a flood of memories and experiences with your friends and sometimes by yourself. After overimbibing with my designated "fun friend Michelle" I spent the day after reflecting at a spa, pampering with a facial and a massage. Ahh, bliss!

October 16 - Our family again grew and I gained a sister-in-law. My baby brother got married and the wedding was a blast. Weddings are such a happy occasion to see friends and family that you never get to see.

Nov. 1 - I witnessed history. I was in the stands at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington for Game 5 of the World Series as the San Francisco Giants won their first World Series since moving to SF. I was there because of the generosity of a friend/client. It was an amazing experience to be there, knowing that all of my friends were so happy that I could be there.

Mid-November - I vacationed in Oahu and it was stunning. It was a much needed respite to relax, master snorkeling, spend time with my BFF, finally ride a scooter, and experience Leonard's malsadas.

On this second day of the new year, this blog post just reminds me of how blessed I am and praise and thank
Him for this fabulous life.

Cheers to you and your family this coming year. I resolve that 2011 will have more than 12 blog posts for the entire year!