Monday, July 5, 2010

Travel Expands Many Horizons

I recently uploaded some photos of a recent trip to NYC to Facebook and one photo in particular caught my eye. It was a photo of my best friend, Starving with a Side of Sass in St. Louis, and our friend TD. We met TD on our Contiki trip to Egypt in December 2009/January 2010 and became fast friends. This was the second time I've been to NYC since we returned from Egypt and both times, I've been able to meet up with TD. The last time, I even stayed with her at her gorgeous apartment in Brooklyn.

It's pretty amazing that it took a trip on the other side of the world to connect us. We talked about it when we on a sightseeing trip around the city, how oh so "cosmopolitan" that we can say, "Oh I have a friend from  NYC/SF that I met while in Egypt and we're going to see each other when I'm/she's in town."

As I peruse my friend list on Facebook, I see so many friends I've made during my travels. Friends from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, and U.S. make us the myriad of my friendship group.

More than just making new friends, it's pretty amazing to travel with my BFF. Traveling with Starving with a Side of Sass in St. Louis has been so much fun to share my travel experiences. She will sometimes text me something that we said during our trip and it will make me laugh out loud.

I've never really created a Top 10 list of our travel, but highlights include:
  • Almost falling out of our bunk during a really hard stop in the middle of the night during our night train to Luxor
  • Slipping in the bathtub during our Nile Cruise and creating a slip 'n slide in our bathroom with our shower curtain
  • Haggling over tunics in the night market in Luxor
  • Becoming so bron in Nha Trang that it hurt to put clothes on for days after
  • Seeing her freak out when a baby monkey jumped on her in Cambodia
  • Realizing I can never trust her with a map while wandering aimlessly in Old Town Hanoi
  • Treking 12k in Sapa in four hours, through rice paddies with the assistance of pre-teen girls wearing open toe flip flops
How else has travel enriched your life? Sound off with a comment!